Thursday, April 30, 2009

Washington D.C. Trip

Chris in charge of the Honor Society at our high school, and we had the wonderful opportunity to chaperon them on their trip to D.C. I was a little leery of leaving the boys for so long. We had never left them and wasn't sure how they or I would do. Grandma Fanara had Spring break at her school the week we were supposed to go. She offered to keep the boys. So with much prayer and persuasion from Chris, I decided to go. It turned out to be a phenomenal week. We left Easter Sunday after the evening service on a red eye. We stayed there thru Saturday morning. We visited the Capitol, Library of Congress, Monuments, Fort McHenery, Holocaust Museum, Mt. Vernon, Several Smithsonian's, Ford's Theater, and several other spots that I am forgetting. We also got to eat at the famous Occidental which is always a highlight. And the best was Fogo De Chao, all you can eat meat. A delicious Brazilian Barbecue. Dan and Gen Azzarello also went along as chaperones. We had 12 students who went on the trip. They were a wonderful group of kids! We had a wonderful time and were so glad to be apart of this trip.


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  2. How dare they put the amazing Chris Fanara... The Man, the Myth, the Very Legend Himself... in prison... It must be one of those "publicity shots". :)

  3. The answer to your first question is, yes! Julie is coming with me as we help chaperone a group of teens from our church. It'll be great!
    As for John Coopers wedding, i still haven't purchased a ticket yet to fly out there, but i will keep in mind your humble invitation to stay with ya'll! If do get out there, it would only be from Friday to Monday, but i will let you all know what i can or can't work out.